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The people who are the Tax Disc peoples people persons -

Verilly verilly I say unto you that in 1920, his Majesty's government decreed that all mechanically propelled vehicles pay duty for the use of the highways within the United Kingdom.

This law is still on the Statute today, and each and every vehicle from the 1st January 1921, right up to the present day, has been obliged to display a valid Tax Disc under British Law.

Now you can re-fit your vehicle's very first 'Tax Disc' adding what is unquestionably, the ultimate finishing touch for any classic vehicle!

Tax Disc Features

  • All years available from 1921 to 2001
  • Our Discs do not all end in December - If you need one expiring Apr 65 for example - that is no problem here !!
  • Supplied under licence from HMSO (licence number C02W0005643)
  • Superbly reproduced from accurate artwork
  • Correct colours including the few years that used violet !!
  • All our discs are absolutely the correct size.
  • All our discs come with original tear-off surround.
  • All our discs include any security background print used.
  • We even make sure that the correct text is on the back - In 1925 it was an advert for Shell !!
  • We make sure that the Style supplied is corrrect for each year
  • Ours are the best inks available in Taxdiskington-On-Sea - including metallic gold & silver !!
  • We use waterproof inks.
  • Camilla, our classy tea Lady, will be pleased to fill in your vehicle details by hand with a quill, fountain pen or ballpoint, as appropriate.
  • We also carry a huge range of Vintage style tax disc holders for Cars, Motorcycles and Scooters.
  • For your convenience, our fabulous tax discs and disc holders are also available to buy from Fred  Shuttleworths paper shop in Greater Grimebuttock, The National Spoke and Ball Bearing Museum at Dullsodullichester and The British Institute of Advanced Motorcycle Ashtray Engineers, Croydon ..............hmmmm ...........maybe you better just buy your Tax disc here !!


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"Fitting an age related tax disc to your restoration is a great finishing touch - I used a pnuematic hammer to put one on my mate Dave's prize 1934 Austin .. That's now one car that certainly looks a whole lot more finished now !!" (Dan Gumpworm - friend of * see Dan's Before and After guide to the pitfalls of fitting a vintage tax disc here)

"Trust me, I know a thing or two about items that fall apart and these disc's don't !!  They are absolutely first class." (Joe Lucas - Prince of darkness)

"Yes, I just had to buy one of these bally Tax discs don't y'know old chap.  Ruddy marvelous it is too.  Ahem people tell me the Old Girl looks pretty damn good for her age but I think she needs a lot of work on her rear........ No not the car, I'm talking about the Wife now y'ruddy dimwit !!"  (Sir Stanley Liversausage - Owner of Liversey Hall Earwig Sanctuary)

"Please don't spoil your restoration and devalue your work by buying a Tax Disc that does not relate specifically to your vehicle - Get your fabulous tax disc here and save yourself from being thrown into the Tower to rot !!" (Chas - Camilla the tea ladies other half)

** We are always pleased to receive plausible endorsements from our customers - if you think you can match or beat the ones featured then feel free to drop the Boss a line

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Always remember that if you intend to use your vehicle on the highway in the United Kingdom, you will need to obtain and display a current, valid tax disc as well as your age related one. does not reproduce discs dated after 31st December 2001.
Uk Tax Discs are subject to Crown Copyright administered by HMSO.
Any contents of this site that is not otherwise copyrighted is the copyright of 2005.


******  P&P is fixed on all orders as follows:****** 
   Order value $0        to $39.99 - p&p is $2.20
   Order value $40      to $59.99 - p&p is $3.00
   Order value $60      to $99.99 - p&p is $3.50
 Order value $100  and over -  p&p is $0.00