Pouncing Tiger Sticker Set

prn0003:  Pouncing Tigers

Our Price
Only $18.80 for all 4 decals !!

Please see the botton left hand cut-away. These decals come to you with the Triumph logo and your choice of - Bonneville, Trophy, Daytona, Trident,Thunderbird, etc printed below - all the same price - just let us know which set you need.

The stickers are 8" x 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" x 1 1/4"
     Key Benefits   
  • Easy to fit
  • UVA Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra Thin
  • Compatible with all lacquers
  • Metallic Ink

Go on, give your dear old Triumph a super treat -Spice the old girl up - with this fantastic set of four 'Professional Restorers' stickers.

These Orange, black, Cream and white on clear stickers were designed to go on export model Triumphs front number plate. They can also be stuck on the gas tank or side panels and are often used to create great looking Display 'Bike Information Boards'.

BSA's and Nortons of a fragile disposition have been known to shake themselves apart............... That, of course, has nothing to do with these decals - but I just thought I'd mention it anyway !!

These Tigers are Ruff,Tuff, Gruff and Cotton Tail...........NO, NO, NO..........not Cotton Tail !! I mean't to say - These stickers are Ruff, Tuff, Gruff and Mean.

The little ones look really cool on a crash helmet - or your Lawn Mower or your Bedroom door !!

Our Price Only $18.80 for all 4 decals !!

***  P&P is fixed on all orders as follows: *** 
   Order value $0        to $39.99 - p&p is $2.20
   Order value $40      to $59.99 - p&p is $3.00
   Order value $60      to $99.99 - p&p is $3.50
 Order value $100  and over -  p&p is $0.00