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Everything you need to know about our decals .................. almost !!

All the decals offered on this site are great quality stickers, made from a very thin hi-tech clear adhesive material that is a bi-product of Britains Top Secret 'Brillo' Space Programme !!   

Yes, the adhesive film we use was
specially developed by boffins at the 'Advanced Kettle and Teapot' design centre in Basingstoke  to help avoid the possibility of our gallant Space Mariners becoming perplexed during their missions in space.  British scientists knew instinctively that it was vitally important for them to develop a special adhesive tablecloth that would protect but not float away from the reproduction mahogany dining room table in weightless conditions. Unfortunately, although the sticky backed tablecloth they came up with worked perfectly, the builders of space podule 'Brillo 1' forgot to bolt the table down
- At teatime on the third day of orbit, the horrendous consequences of their oversight started to unfold.
As the table started to rise towards the crystal chandelier, the silver
cruet set and candelabra was pitched to the floor, at least SIX cucumber sandwiches were bruised in the panic and worst of all - the captains cup of tea was very nearly spilt.
As a result, Britains space programme was set back years - But, w
hile the fiasco that grounded Britains space exploration was undoubtedly bad news for some, it was great news for motorcycle restorers and the rest of the Galaxy !!
Now, on a serious note, please be aware that our rules stipulate buyers must be either male or female and they must be over 3 yrs old ..................... unless they are members of the BSA Bantam Owners Club of course .................... or get rattled easily.

(I must apologise to all Triumph owners for that reference to rattles - In my opinion it was quite funny enough with just the mention of a BSA Bantam guaranteed to bring tears of mirth to my eyes.  Adding the part about rattles was completely uneccessary and hurtful to owners of Meridens finest ....... myself included !!  Apparently, it was supposed to be a play on words  ...... Under 3's ... Babies ....Rattles ....... Well I don't know about under 3's but I do know that under Rule 18 ( Sub clause 24) of the fromanothertime.com code of staff behaviour the culprit is now having his hands put through the mangle while 'Post-Room' Norman repeatedly slams the heavy door on his head.)



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