RILEY Tax Disc Holder Classic vinyl range


This great looking vintage style Tax Disc Holder is especially made for Riley motorcars

One Fantastic Tax Disc Holder for
ONLY $14.80
We must be totally bonkers !!



It has a clear front and Riley motif on the back - In Silver on a Blue background
The vintage tax disc slots into the holder and it is then stuck onto the windscreen.

So - when fitted in conjunction with a Vintage Tax disc, this exceptional example of precision British engineering will place your pride and joy at the very pinnacle of originality.
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The authentic - But expensive holder !!
Chrome & Stainless Steel

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   Order value $0        to $39.99 - p&p is $2.20
   Order value $40      to $59.99 - p&p is $3.00
   Order value $60      to $99.99 - p&p is $3.50
 Order value $100  and over -  p&p is $0.00 


This Holder
ONLY $14.80 !!


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