Rare Key Fobs for
Classic British Cars
At Just
$14.80 each
These Key Fobs could be just what you have been waiting to find, to add that final touch of class to your restoration !!

Have you ever seen key fobs as good as these before?

No, of course you haven't !! Thats because ours are the very best that money can buy and usually reserved for very posh people who own big houses with hot running water and indoor bathrooms.

They are made in England from sturdy materials and quality stitched leather............errr.............that's the keyfobs I'm talking about, NOT inside bathrooms !! The inside bathrooms are probably fitted with Chrome Taps and Twyford porcelain - but I don't really want to go into any greater detail than that here - Anyone reading this who really want's to know more about indoor bathrooms can email me seperately.

Now, please can I return , with your permission, to the items at hand.............
All of Britains Top Secret ' Brillo' Space Programme Rockets were supplied with our fobs for the hatch keys...............What's that you say ? Never heard of the 'Brillo Programme' either???

Where have you been for the last 50 years - Tell you what - Next time you are visiting England, ask the Landlord of any Pub if he know's where to find a Brillo Pad - I'm sure he will be only too pleased to show you one.
Black and Silver
Mini Cooper S
Pre 1974 Model
Cortina GT
Pre 1970's Logo
Austin Script

Wolfsburg Edition


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