Shhhh !!................ it's  'THE BOSS' - TREV
(Heaven Help us !!)

Usually found sitting behind his big desk counting big piles of money or playing with his big executive toys.

Sometimes he scares us by suddenly deciding he want's to get more involved with the customers - He is a walking PR disaster area waiting to break into a gallop !!

.......He of course doesn't realise this and trips along happily creating a trail of mayhem and disaster in his wake........ When talking about writing this, his tip to me was: 
"That will be easy -
Luckily for us, I am a master of public relations and advanced selling techniques - Just don't use long words when writing to Ladies and people with  short attention spans.......Like - Colonials."

And another thing - Just pray that you don't fall victim to one of his emails - It could prove to be a life changing experience for you !!

Living in his own twilight world of Bisto and Horlick's, Trev still thinks that the USA is part of the British Empire and that all colonials, live in tents or log cabins without any of todays modern luxuries - such as:

Lucas Electric mangles, Perdio Black and White Television, Gramaphones and Electric lighting.





Phew - Luckily for me, Trev will probably never see any of this because  we told him that the office microwave was his new PC monitor

Even now, he's over there trying to get the website to appear on it !!

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