fromanothertime.com's   public interface -   Mild mannered Gerrard  will pick up and respond to all external contacts.

Trev has just bought him a new Lucas electronic organiser to help him keep up with the demands of our busy sales office.

Like all Lucas products, this is a fantastic device - All we have to do is figure out what it is supposed to do (and why it is not working) - then we should be in clover.........it comes with its own repair kit  - A Lucas
(TM) Heavy hammer is supplied free of charge!!

Anyways - back to Gerrard -

Favorite food:      Mashed potato's
Favorite Drink:   Orange squash.
Favorite 3 films:  1. Blight (A Potato Marketing Board production)
                              2. Blighted
(The sequel)
3. Annie Get Your Spudgun (A fine British re-make of the 1950    original starring Howard Keel.   [ Howard Keel is Gerrards most favorite pop star !!])

Hobbies:              Gerrard loves to get out into the garden at weekends and dig holes in the lawn - I think he had 327 at the last count, but he has just returned to work after 2 weeks vacation - spent at home !!...............This could mean that Gerrards garden is now even holier  than Westminster Abbey!!

Gerrard also likes painting - Well  actually to term it painting could be misleading - Gerrard likes to whitewash inanimate objects. 'Post-Room' Percy has only visited Gerrards house once!!



On a more serious note. Gerrard is actually an Android from the planet Bootle and he is more than 300 Bootle Klikminutes old.

We know this because he paints his face silver and wears a collander on his head - So it must be true !!

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