(He's a toff .........need we say more ??)

A friend of Camilla's hubby, no one can really understand anything he says. He is color blind, dyslectic and enjoys the occasional glass of scotch.
 The Boss is beginning to wonder if Percy really is the best person to have picking our customers orders.

"I sh..shay old chap, you really  must concentrate harder - Anyone can jolly well shee that Cedember 1637's tax disc is dark grey like the rest of them ......... it's not at all red like you asked for."
Trev - "Ooops. My mistake, as usual you are quite right Percy - I must have got it mixed up with the Ranjary 1525 disc that you asked for. Sorry about that old chap"
Percy - "Look here old chap, I don't want a ruddy common bounder like you old chapping me old chap - It's just not the done thing - If we carry on like this, the next thing I'll know is that you will be expecting me to be polite to the damn colonials !!!"




  'Post-Room' Percy.
Often accidentally sets himself or the stamps on fire - He has never fully grasped the concept behind the ban on smoking cigarettes in public !!

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