The efficiency of fromanothertime.com's  delivery service has long been admired by customers and competetors alike -   The twin cornerstones of our service to international buyers are Fred Scuttle Microlite Air Services and 'Blind-Pete' and his rowing boat.

Despite having a criminal record   (No Milk Today  by Herman's Hermits)   Blind-Pete is now in his 75th year with us.

Blessed with an uncanny sense of direction, the calm of the open sea is often heard to be broken by the vibrant sounds of his singing voice as he merrily crosses the seven seas delivering fromanothertime.com decal sets to the four corners of the world.

Customers must realise however, that currently our shipments can take a little longer to arrive than DS Couriers fantastic 'Escargot Express' Service this is something we are working on and hope that our newest idea - To lock the broom cupboard door, may result in us getting Blind-Pete out of the office and on his way a lot quicker.

Even without allowing for time spent in the broom cupboard ....................... and searching the Atlantic for the occasional dropped oar, Blind-Pete's Ocean crossings have often proved to be quicker than the Royal mail's highly mechanised 'Bicycle Express' service.

Go Pete !!



Oh I dooo like to beee beside the seaside.    Blind-Pete snapped entering a fijord near Bergen only three weeks after departing Liverpool with another important delivery to the USA.

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